TC Dog Care started with a dream: to offer the best care and a better understanding of what your dog needs.


Today that dream has come true! TC Dog Care was born in Amsterdam, but started many years ago as a personal project in Romania, rescuing dogs off the street. Following the same goals in Barcelona, reaching out to as many dogs possible, enhancing their living conditions and improving the overall communication between man and dog. 


The values of TC Dog Care are to continuously create trustworthy, reliable, professional and caring business relationships. You can be completely assured that your dog will be safe, happy and very well cared during his walks and care. Feel free to take a look at some of the testimonials of our clients.



Everyday we combine our passion with our experience to guarantee that your dog will have a great time, in a safe and secure environment! For us the safety and security of your dog comes first! We offer the following services:


Exercise is as important for your dog as it is for you! It’s essential not just for the overall health of your dog but actually it´s the best way to avoid unwanted behavior such as: excessive barking, destructive behavior or aggression. Dogs are active by nature, so make sure your dog is exercised and challenged everyday! If you don’t have time, consider the help of a professional dog walker now!


Going on holiday?

Are you looking for a reliable and professional option for your dog?

Look no further!

We combine the experience of dog training, exercise and socialization with a nice, happy home right in the heart of the city! This way you won't have to travel much to pick up or drop off your dog!


Today we see and treat dogs differently than before as they also fulfill different roles than originally intended. For years we bred dogs for hunting or protection, and now we struggle to understand their behaviour. TC Dog Care is here to make it easier for you and can guarantee a better relationship for you and your dog. We believe that a dog should not separate you from your family or friends, but only bring you closer. We’re here to show you how!


TC Dog Care is collaborating with various dog shelters and rescue organization, helping with training, fostering, adoption or fundraising activities. A good part of our income goes to charity and helping the ones in need, as without them TC Dog Care would never exist. If you would like to get involved, either to volunteer, foster or you are interested in adopting a dog please visit the “Contact us” section and send us a message. Thank you!



Pack walk : €10 /hour (+tax)

Solo walk  : €15 /hour (+tax)

Dog walking services outside working hours (09:00-18:00), on weekends and on public holidays cost €20.


Daily Rate: €40 (+tax)

Includes 3-4 walks per day

and medical insurance


Training session: €50 (+tax)

Dedicated one-to-one session lasting 1.5 – 2 hours and includes a customized training plan.




"Professional, caring and personal dog training service..." 

You can't go wrong with Catalin, he's experienced and really takes the time to go through the motions and explain things over. He is a real animal lover that will get the best out of your dog. Big plus for coming over to our town since our dog would've been too scared in Barcelona. Highly recommended! - Fernando Limon



Hi! We're probably on the field playing ball or in the park with the dogs, for a faster reply please send us a message in Messenger and we'll get back to you! 


Please include some info about your dog and what issues you are having with him/her. 



T: +34 684 25 50 72

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